Daily Archives: June 18, 2017

Look at these wonderful apples, growing in a front garden in Northport NY, simply delicious!  In early spring the trees are covered with beautiful white blossoms which later become the fruit.  These are dwarf trees because of limited space but it’s important to note that there are three different varieties […]

Organic Long Island Apples

Who doesn’t love a rose?  However in high heat & humidity areas (such as Long Island) most varieties of roses acquire fungal diseases such as “black spot”.  Leaves fall off, the plant looks ugly and we wonder why.   Learn how to avoid these unpleasantries and enjoy roses again.

Roses hate humidity

A pool is more than just a hole in the ground filled with water! By carefully incorporating the right perennials you’ll have a season full of color with minimal maintenance.  Want to learn how this works and so much more?  Sign up for THE MAG for professional tips and tricks.

Pool Garden Ideas

This worm might be difficult to spot since they blend into the plant color.  They camouflage easily and are caterpillars of a family of moths called the “Sphinx Moth”.  The name Hornworm comes from the fact they grown horny spikes that protrude from the abdomen.  These critters are most likely […]

Are these Monsters eating your Tomatoes?

Rabbits have been a particularly active nuisance this year.  First they mowed down my chives in flower so that they looked like someone had been in the garden with a weed whacker.  Then they had the nerve to spit out the flowers on the ground.  Guess the stems were too […]

Peter Rabbit has been in my Garden