Since we recently jumped directly from winter to summer, many spring flowering plants all seemed to POP at once.  If you’ve been wondering what you’ve been looking at, here are a few identified. Ornamental Cherry (Prunus) Vincar – Minor Ornamental Pear (Pyrus) Ornamental Pear Circus-Redbud Circus Redbud   Muscari-Grape   […]

Sudden Spring

Pink, Purple & Blue on one Plant If your bud normally produces pink flowers toss a handful of Holly tone (or other acidic fertilizer) over the roots on one side of the plant.  Next year that side will turn blue. If your HYD naturally has blue flowers, toss a handful of […]

Want a Magic Hydrangea?

Look at these wonderful apples, growing in a front garden in Northport NY, simply delicious!  In early spring the trees are covered with beautiful white blossoms which later become the fruit.  These are dwarf trees because of limited space but it’s important to note that there are three different varieties […]

Organic Long Island Apples

Who doesn’t love a rose?  However in high heat & humidity areas (such as Long Island) most varieties of roses acquire fungal diseases such as “black spot”.  Leaves fall off, the plant looks ugly and we wonder why.   Learn how to avoid these unpleasantries and enjoy roses again.

Roses hate humidity